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It's Finally Here!!

Holy smokes!  The day is finally here!  It's been two years since we sat in a coffee shop and talked about how fun it would be to put a few of our favorite country lyrics on quality shirts. Trust me, the journey of finding the perfect lines was as entertaining as it was hilarious, i.e. Andy Wo-lo Said Hello (By the way, did you know it was Wo-lo and not Warlow?  ...what?)

We are so excited to debut our first design with you and even more excited to introduce the upcoming releases (We. Can't. Wait.)  Make sure you sign up for our newsletter so you'll be the first to hear about our new designs and also, if you like us... let us know! Shout it from a rooftop or a water tower, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.  Tell your mama, your grandma and all your friends.  We are thrilled to be on this ride with you!  

Shelley Jean & Amanda Blue

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