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It takes a little time...sometimes

It's been a minute!  At first when I sat down to write this, I was thinking about what all I needed to explain....why our socials have been quiet, why we've not been posting or liking or tagging, etc... and then it hit me.  Nothing needs explaining because our people get us. 
We are two women, running a company by ourselves.  From designing, to funding, to marketing, to packaging (bc gosh, we all love hand written notes, right?!) and everything in between. 
Shelley's been writing, working on new music and chasing sweet, wild, baby Bo all over the place.  (Speaking of her music... did you hear REBA'S new song "Tammy Wynette Kinda Pain"?!?!? (Click here to listen)  Shelley co-wrote that with Brandy Clark and Mark Narmore and it's on REBA's new album!!! 
I've been listening to Reba sing Shelley's song on repeat, working, writing songs along with a very fun new book project and - if I'm being honest - I've had more family events in the last several months than an entire Gretchen Wilson record and needless to say that's taken up a whole bushel of time. 
Amidst the chaos, Shelley and I kept sharing our ideas for Jean Blue and setting goals and then something else would pop up (bc life) and so on and so forth.  Then, one day, while Shelley Jean and I were chatting on our way to and from Kentucky, we decided to wave a flag and show ourselves some grace.  
We wear a million hats and Jean Blue is one of our favorite ones!  We decided to take a break over the holidays, breathe, embrace our families and our time and work on things as they came and *drum roll* now here we are!  
3 years TODAY!  We have a new line for the smallest 90's country fans (Shop here!) and a new grown up country fan design (coming next week) and we're relaunching Jean Blue!
Thank you for liking us, loving us and wanting more of us.  The two of us are excited to keep designing, funding, marketing, packaging, writing all those handwritten 'thank you's' and everything in between just for you!  
We love 90's country and you and we are SO excited for year 3!!! 
Thanks for being on our team!

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