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Love. Donate. Help.

Country music is what we were raised on, the soundtrack of our teenage years, our anthem in college.  Somehow, by the grace of God, it became our careers that lead us to each other, which inspired us to make a t-shirt company celebrating what we were raised on...the soundtrack...the anthems. 

We will always want to play somethin' country.  We will always want to hear our friends play, sing, dance to & love somethin' country. Country music is what helps us hurt, what helps us heal & what will always bring us together. 

From now until November 1st all proceeds from "Play Somethin' Country" will be donated to the Music City Cares Fund.  They are helping with the immediate & long-term needs of all victims involved in the horrific Vegas tragedy. 

Please donate. Please pray. Please "Play Somethin' Country". Something old. Something new. Something that makes the world less scary. Something that makes your heart feel brave. Somethin' that makes you feel whatever you're feeling, more deeply... and please send Music City and Vegas all of the love and support that you can. 

Nashville. Vegas. We love you. 

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