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Hey y'all!

Did you see our new tank?  We made it for the ones like us livin' that honky tonk dream  and yellin "Hank it up'" out on Broadway and the free spirit rockin' a headband like a snap chat filter at a summer festival!  If you're reading this ... chances are "Play Somethin' Country" is something I think we can all relate to.

It's been a minute since the last blog and let me catch you up on more than just new tanks and tees.  :)

Jean Blue Shirt Co. is getting bigger by the minute and come October we will have our newest and cutest little team member!  Shelley Jean and her hubby Greg are expecting their little one in just a couple months - which is crazy to think about!!!

Shelley and I have known each other for 8 years.  We spent the majority of our twenties writing songs, staying out late driving around in her Dodge Challenger singing 90's country and talking about what growing up would look like.  Well.. I think it looks a lot different than anything we thought it would, but in all of the best ways. We're still writing songs, still driving around blaring "Jacob's Ladder" but now in a car that has four doors and sensible gas mileage.  Oh and we're still talking about what growing up might look like. ;)

JBSC has been up and running for over a year now and between jobs, writing, family and the every day chaos that is living in Nashville (holy traffic ya'll), we couldn't ask for a better year and are so excited about the new things we have planned.  A baby ain't the only thing we're expecting!

Thank y'all for buying the shirts, liking the photos and sending us the sweetest notes and pics.  Thank you for asking us for more and for waiting patiently.  Thank you for sharing in all of the fun and for being with us in every new adventure!

Also - feel free to email us with Baby Boy name ideas.  I already suggested Dumas Walker and Creole WIlliams. Haha.

Xoxo - Amanda Blue

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