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This weekend we got to walk into one of the cutest boutiques in Hillsboro Village, here in Nashville, and see our shirts on display!  Tennessee Chic is the first store to start carrying our Jean Blue Shirt Co. brand and we could not be more over the moon about it!  (They also have really cute jewelry, accessories and employees that are the sweetest!)

It's still so wild to think that five months ago we sat down and started this company with the hopes of 90's country music fans- like us, liking it and hopefully wanting one or two.  It's fair to say we have been absolutely BLOWN AWAY! 

Thank you for reading this.  

Thank you for buying shirts.  

Thank you for liking the shirts.  

Thank you for sharing stories, photos, ideas and the same love for the same music that came from everyone's favorite decade in country.

Because of y'all we have a few more surprises up our graphic tee sleeves that we will be sharing with you sooner than later. 

In the mean time don't forget to Vote for Dolly and keep Livin That Honkytonk Dream. (So cheesy.) 

Xoxo- Shelley Jean & Amanda Blue 



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