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One month ago today we opened Jean Blue Shirt Co.!Since then, we have sold out of BB ♥ C tanks, ordered another round AND got to debut and place the order for our new "COME ON PATTY" tank and tee! (Should be here in less than two weeks and we're watching the door like it's Christmas Eve).God is so good and we are so thankful!THANK YOU for reading this, for ordering, for posting, telling your friends and giving us such open and honest feedback.THANK YOU for loving 90's country music and graphic tees.THANK YOU for supporting two girls who were hoping people would...

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"Billy Bob wrote it in GREEN!"

Well.. The whole town said that we shoulda used red but it looked good to me and Shelley Jean ... In black and white. Yes... We know... Green would've been cool and we thought about it too. :) Buuuut with the up and coming shirts, we decided to keep with the brands platform and keep it in black and white.We love and appreciate any and all feedback! Thanks for all the comments, follows and likes... Oh and THANK YOU FOR SO MANY ORDERS! They're coming your way! Happy Monday :) - Amanda Blue 

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We're 10 minutes in and we already have several orders.  Y'all are the best!! We're so glad you like the shirts and we can't wait to get them to you.  While you browse the site, here are a couple pictures of me and my sweet hubby wearing the new shirts.   xoxo Shelley Jean  

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It's Finally Here!!

Holy smokes!  The day is finally here!  It's been two years since we sat in a coffee shop and talked about how fun it would be to put a few of our favorite country lyrics on quality shirts. Trust me, the journey of finding the perfect lines was as entertaining as it was hilarious, i.e. Andy Wo-lo Said Hello (By the way, did you know it was Wo-lo and not Warlow?  ...what?) We are so excited to debut our first design with you and even more excited to introduce the upcoming releases (We. Can't. Wait.)  Make sure you sign up for our newsletter so...

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