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About us

Mary Anne and Wanda were the best of friends...and so are Shelley Jean and Amanda Blue. 
The two met in Nashville in the summer of 2010 and quickly bonded over the things they had in common. 
Being from Kentucky.
Their love of bourbon.
Their love of Jesus.
They're both songwriters.
They both call their sweet Mama's by their first names. (Hey Wilma and Lida Mae!)
They also had a knowledge and love for all things music but especially 90's country music...and that's where Jean Blue Shirt Co. began. 
Shelley Jean Skidmore was born and raised in Stanton, KY.  From the foothills of the Appalachian mountains to the Grand Ole Opry stage, Shelley has traveled the country singing her songs to crowds of traditional country music lovers.  
Recently Shelley worked with Paul Worley (Dixie Chicks, Lady Antebellum, Martina McBride) and released her brand new 5 song EP.  You can find it on

iTunesSpotify and on the counter of her Mom and Dad's hardware store in Stanton. 

In 2012 she began dating her best friend, fellow singer songwriter, Greg Bates and in 2015 he "Did it For the Girl" and asked her to marry him.  They said "I do" and now they're packing up and hitting the road to join Steve Moakler on his upcoming "Suitcase Tour".  
Between being a staff writer for Wrensong Music Publishing, touring, working on her full length album and being a full time Mom to the tiniest little ball of Toy Poodle joy (Chesney Belle), Shelley is fired up about the beginning of this new journey and is beyond excited for what's to come! 
Named after the Waylon Jennings version of "Amanda",  Amanda Beaulieu (We say it like Blue because we've never really been quite sure how to say it) Flynn is from a tiny truck stop town called Smith Grove, KY.  
Raised on her Grandparents handed down vinyl records and cassettes, she was instantly hooked on all things country music.  As her Mama tells it, "she started making up songs from the get-go and never really stopped."  So on a whim, the day after her 22nd Birthday she packed up everything she had and made the move to Nashville. 
Since signing her first publishing deal in 2010 she has had several cuts; most recently the song "Jack Daniels and Jesus" on Chase Rice's "Ignite the Night"

Album, which also went on to become the name of his 2016 Tour. 

From writing songs, slinging boots (Betty Boots is the best boot store in Nashville, btw) and living on a houseboat with her dog, Huck Flynn, Amanda's rollercoaster ride in Music City has definitely been everything but a boring one.  She's looking forward to another adventure with her best friend and can't wait for all of the exciting things that are on the way! 
Mission statement: If you know how to pronounce "Dumaflache"... You're a friend of ours :)